Covid-19 Updates


Due to the Coronavirus we have made a number of changes to our policies and the way we consult with patients. Due to the current environment in South Australia we have had to introduce tighter restrictions on face to face consults and we will be screening patients thoroughly on arrival to the practice. We wish to emphasise that these restrictions have been put in place to protect our patients, staff and business and we will endeavour to accommodate your requests as best as we can but we ask that you respect our policies and our staff when speaking with us.

If you have any symptoms, no matter how minor, you will only be able to book a telehealth consult. If a face to face consult is determined to be necessary by your treating doctor, the doctor will organise an appointment in our High Risk Clinic. For more information on these clinics, please see below. We continue to offer standard face to face consultations for those who are asymptomatic and fully vaccinated.  If you believe your appointment can be dealt with via telephone we ask that you book a telehealth consult instead.

Symptoms of Covid-19

If you are experiencing any of these potentially infective symptoms, no matter how minor, you must have a telehealth consult and organise a Covid test. You can find your nearest Covid testing clinic here. If your doctor would like to examine you face to face, they will book you into one of your High Risk Clinics. You will be required to provide proof of your negative Covid test from the previous 72 hours on arrival for your appointment at these clinics.

  • fever (temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher)
  • chills or sweats
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • runny or blocked nose
  • shortness of breath
  • nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea
  • headache
  • muscle or joint pain

We are aware that some patients experience these symptoms chronically, however we ask that you still book a telehealth consult with your doctor and they will decide if your symptoms are potentially infective and if you require an appointment in our High Risk Clinic.

Unvaccinated Patients

Our practice is happy to continue treating patients who remain unvaccinated, however we will be introducing restrictions to appointments for unvaccinated patients to reduce the risk to our staff and vulnerable patients. We strongly encourage patients to get vaccinated and you can find your nearest vaccination centre here. If you have an exemption for the Covid-19 vaccine we ask that you provide proof and our doctors will make a decision on a case by case basis. Children aged under 12 years and 1 month will be able to enter the practice under the complete vaccination status of the parent/guardian bringing them to the appointment.

  • Unvaccinated patients will not be denied treatment, however they will be required to have a telehealth consult with their doctor before any face to face appointments are made
  • If deemed necessary, the patient’s treating doctor will book a face to face appointment in our High Risk Clinic
    • the patient will be required to provide proof of a negative Covid test in the past 72 hours
    • the patient must wear a mask and follow instructions directed by our staff and doctors
  • If it is an emergency please attend your nearest emergency department or phone an ambulance on 000
    • we will not deny unvaccinated patients care in an emergency


Your doctor will phone you at your nominated appointment time or as close to this time as possible. Please be available to take the call and be in a private, quiet area. The call may be from a “NO CALLER ID”.

Eligibility: Medicare will pay a rebate to all patients who have had a face to face consult with a doctor at our practice in the past 12 months. If you have not been seen face to face in the past 12 months Medicare will not provide a rebate for your consult or allow us to bulk bill you. You are still able to have a telehealth consult if you wish to pay privately.

Fees: Telehealth consults are usually privately charged. Your doctor will discuss this with you at the beginning of the consult. Your doctor will either transfer you directly to reception at the end of your consult or our friendly reception team will phone you immediately after the consult to settle your account. We ask that you settle your account on the day.

Mandatory Masks

  • Surgical masks are mandatory at all times in the practice for all patients aged over 12 years old
  • If you have a mask exemption we ask that you provide proof and wait outside in your car or the hallway until your doctor calls you in for your appointment
    • you will be asked to wear a mask while walking through our clinic and in with the doctor – this will only be for short periods of time

High Risk Clinic (Symptomatic Clinic)

We have developed a High Risk Clinic to allow us to see symptomatic patients with a negative Covid test in the past 72 hours. These clinics have been designed to help us treat symptomatic patients safely and effectively and to protect our patients and staff. Appointments in these clinics are only able to made by a doctor after the patient has had a telehealth consult. Our reception staff are not able to book appointments for patients into these clinics.

  • Appointments are available to patients who have had a telehealth consult with the doctor
    • only the doctor can make an appointment if they believe the patient requires examination or a face to face review
  • Patients will be required to have had a negative Covid test in the 72 hours prior to their appointment and they must provide proof
  • Patients must wear a mask for the duration of their appointment
  1. Upon arrival to the clinic patients must remain in their car and phone the practice to let us know they have arrived.
  2. The duty doctor will then phone the patient when they’re ready to see them.
  3. Patients must make their way straight to the isolation consulting room (reception staff and signage will be available for directions).
  4. Patients must leave the clinic and building once the appointment is complete and our reception staff will phone you immediately following to settle the account for the appointment.

Managing Covid at home:

Received a positive Covid result?

  • Isolate immediately
  • Tell your close contacts and advise them to isolate and get tested immediately
  • You should receive an SMS from SA Health with a survey to complete. This will have questions regarding where you’ve been, how you’re feeling and your medical history. If you don’t receive this SMS please call the CDCB on 1300 232 272.
  • The Covid19 Response Care Team will assess your risk and organise support if required. If you’re deemed at a higher risk you will receive a home care package. If you need supervised care the response team will notify you and arrange everything for you. Most people are able to isolate and monitor themselves at home. If your symptoms worsen please phone an ambulance on 000 or contact the Covid-19 Response Care Team on 1800 272 872.
  • If you have any questions or need to organise extra support please contact the Covid-19 Response Care Team on 1800 272 872. This service is 24 hours.
  • Visit here for more information.

Want to read more on Covid-19?

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  • Positive Covid result? Information here

Helpful contacts:

SA Covid-19 Information Line: 1800 253 787

Covid-19 Response Care Team: 1800 272 827

SA Covid-19 Mental Health Support Line: 1800 632 753

National Covid-19 Information Helpline: 1800 020 080

CDCB (Communicable Disease Branch): 1300 232 272

Updated 4th January 2022