Over 75 Aged Health Care Assessments

Medicare and Veterans’ Affairs provide an opportunity our patients over 75 years of age to have a free (medicare funded) annual health assessment each year. The assessment is at no cost to yourself and is funded to the practice by Medicare.

If you would like to take up the opportunity now you will be seen by our Health Assessment Nurse, in your home for about an hour and she will make a follow up appointment for you with your doctor to discuss any key health issues from the assessment.  A summary will be given to you so that practical solutions to any health problems can be made.

The health assessment will provide us a detailed look at your general health and involves the following:

·       Reviewing your medication

·       A brief physical examination

·       Assessing your hearing and vision

·       A memory review

·       Discussing social support

·       Discussing nutrition

·       Assessing the risk of falls

·       Reviewing vaccinations

Patients who have had this health assessment have found it to be very worthwhile and a way of helping to prevent future problems by identifying health issues which may not have been raised during an ordinary consultation with your doctor.

If you would like to be involved please ring the surgery on 8272 8266 and tell one of our receptionists.  Our Nurse will then call you back to organise an appointment in your home for her to carry out the first stage of the assessment.

The Assessment will take approximately an hour, and we ask that you have a urine specimen (containers are available at the Hughes Clinic) and the medications ready that you are taking for the nurse.

If you require any further information about this letter please do not hesitate to ring the surgery.