Changes to our Billing Policy

1st June 2022

*for Healthcare Card and Pension Card Holders Only*

Hughes Medical Clinic strives to provide high quality health care to all of our patients and to offer timely access to our services for all.

After careful consideration, due to the increasing costs of running a quality practice, we are changing our billing policy for some of our services for people with either a Health Care Card or Pension Card.

Commencing June 1 2022, there will now be a gap payment of $20 on our concession fees.

At present we bulk bill the majority of our patients. This involves us accepting the Medicare rebate as full payment for our service. The Medicare rebate is 50% of our fee and this level of discount unfortunately cannot be sustained for a viable business. Our doctors have endeavoured to continue offering bulk billing for the majority of our patients, however we now need to start charging a gap to everyone to continue to operate a sustainable business and provide high quality health care to all of our patients.

We understand this could be difficult for our patients but we strongly encourage you to contact your local MP or Health Minister to discuss increasing Medicare rebates if you have any concerns.

We thank you for your continued support of the Hughes Medical Clinic, and look forward to continuing to provide you with a high standard of health care.


When will Bulk Billing still apply?

Access to healthcare is very important to us. Therefore, bulk billing will still apply to some services and patients.

Patients who will continue to be bulk billed are:

  • Children under 5 years
  • Defence Veterans

Services that will continue to be bulk billed are:

  • Care plans (chronic disease management plans)
  • Disability medical reviews
  • Health assessments
  • Home medicines reviews
  • Vaccinations

The following short nurse visits will also be bulk billed, however if you wish to raise additional issues at the same appointment a gap may be payable.

  • B12, Prolia, Depot Contraception, Anti-Psychotic Depot, Desensitisation Injections (allergies)

Who is Eligible for Care Plans and Health Assessments?

Chronic disease:

People with a chronic disease requiring allied health and / or other specialist input will be eligible for bulk billing of some appointment types including Chronic Disease Care Plans and Reviews.

  • This involves an appointment with the nurse first and then the doctor once a year for a Chronic Disease Care Plan (GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement), and 1-3 times per year for a review of the plan.

Health assessment:

Patients over 75 years are also eligible for an annual health assessment which is bulk billed – this involves an appointment with the nurse and then the doctor.

People aged between 45-49 years old are eligible for a once off health assessment if they have a medical risk factor (please ask your doctor or nurse about this to see if you are eligible).

How will I know the fee?

Our common fees and fee structure is available on our fees page. This outlines the full amount and gap payable on our regular consults. If your consult, or appointment type, will attract a different fee the doctor will discuss it with you. While the total fee payable may be more on different consults, the gap will still only be $20 on a standard consult and $30 on a longer consult.

How will the fee be processed?

You will be charged the full private fee on the day and we can then electronically process your Medicare rebate on your behalf. If you have a debit card we can process the rebate immediately, otherwise we can lodge the rebate into your bank account (this will take approximately 12-24 hours to appear in your bank account). Health Care Card Holders and Pension Card Holders will only have an out of pocket expense of $20-$30 depending on the length of the consult. These fees will also apply to telehealth appointments.